Chris Diamond

About Chris Diamond

Chris Diamond born in native New Orleans, La., has been singing and playing piano since age 12.   He was influenced by the great “Fats Domino” who practically raised Chris since a very young age. As a kid, Chris inherited millions from a grandfather.  Chris’ music consists of R&B, Blues, & Country.     Chris writes most of his own songs and also for other artist. Chris is self taught on the piano. “I watched and studied Fats playing and finally taught myself to play by ear” said the mile by minute soft spoken Chris. 

So daft is Chris about automobiles and diamonds, he owns a Rolls-Royce among other vehicles and diamond rings totaling over 262 carats. Chris spends a lot of time speaking against drugs to youths of all ages, at schools, churches, and different organizations. 

Chris has just recorded a live album consisting of R & B, and Country songs, in which he wrote six of the songs.  The new album is called “LIVE” in New Orleans, Stage II.

Chris Diamond’s music is on the order of New Orleans Blues that you would hear on Bourbon Street. This new album consist of blues, and some country songs.  Fats Domino was a very big influence on Chris.  He does simple words with a beat that you can pat your foot or dance to.  Chris shows style with piano playing, consisting of a beat and rhythm. 

Chris has had many friends in the music business consisting of rock and roll and blues.  A few of them was James Brown, Bobby Blue Bland, Percy Sledge, Little Richard, Johnny Taylor, Z Z Hill, Earnie K Doe, Dr. John, Fats Domino, Irma Thomas, Joe Simon, Wilson Pickett, Jimmy Reed, and John Lee Hooker.

Doing country for the first time was a challenge for me said the soft spoken Chris.  I have always liked country music and I thought I would try singing it on my shows.  I plan on writing some more country songs in the future.  I believe that you must be multi talented these days in order to satisfy everyone.

Chris has a interesting style of piano playing.  Sometimes he karate chops the piano keys and also hits the keys with his feet.  However he does it, the crowd seems to really enjoy watching him play. 

New Orleans is a great town and culture, and the music is great here, and I am thankful to be part of the jazz and blues circuit stated Chris.  I am looking forward to playing in your hometown someday.  I really enjoy people and I try to bring happiness to everyone.  For those who follow my career, thanks a lot for your attendance at my shows and thanks for the purchase of my music.

Chris is also a producer and is always in the market to discover new artist and bands, and song writers. “I audition a lot of singers and different bands when I am on the road doing shows.  There is a lot of good talent out there and they just need someone to listen.”

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